Rubber Ron

Rubber Ron has been a respected pioneer of the music and club industry for 25 years.

Rubber Ron’s DJing skills are admired world wide due to his ability to adapt his diverse and eclectic mix of music from disco,funk,punk,jazz,house,rock to hip hop and his natural talent to translate the mood of the evening into his music. Ron has DJ’d at the private parties of celebrities such as Prince, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Robbie Williams, Pdiddy, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and 50cent. His corporate list is endless having entertained everyone from X-box to Time Out.

He started his professional DJ’ing career at the famous Wag Club 25 years ago. He is at present one of the favourite resident DJ’s at the infamous “BOX” playing the VIP green room with his Cool eclectic sexy style. A resident DJ at the old China White for over ten years he as worked at many west end night clubs. Along the way he has been the star DJ at all the most hedonistic fetish clubs including Skin Two and ‘Der Putch’. From this involvement with the fetish world Ron developed a love and respect for erotica and its faithful followers.

His reputation for hosting parties is renowned and his warehouses parties were infamous, only surpassed by his Acid House parties. Therefore the natural progression once he discovered his love for the enchanting world of fetishism was to host his own club. In the summer of 89 he opened ‘Club Submission’ fusing the acid house attitude with fetish style. The success of this club was beyond everyone’s predictions. It was responsible for generating a new era in the fashion and music industry and bringing fetish onto the street and into our homes creating the famous ‘clubbers into rubber’ syndrome.

Ron’s reputation as a leading expert on fetishism has found him in all kinds of situations from TV chat shows to a debate at Cambridge University on behalf of MENSA. This debate led to an influx of academia at the next Club Submission and a MENSA style sex test that had some very interesting results! Ron’s expertise was again relied on when the annual Erotica Event was started in London. He was a key consultant and provided stage shows and beautiful models.

Ron’s musical talents don’t stop at Djing. He has been a musician in various bands and was signed to Sony with his band ‘Kinky People”. He’s worked with many musicians from Paul Weller to Bootsie Collins. If all this talent is not enough Ron had a staring role in the cult movie; ‘Its all gone Pete Tong’

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